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Our Clients

Each and every one of our clients is unequivocally important to us, irrespective of their size, and our records reflect a significant portion of repeat business from satisfied clients, year after year.


Our firm has an established and growing client base which includes small, medium and large entities consisting of:

Financial services companies

Engineering companies

Individual and personal tax returns


Retail companies

Manufacturing companies

Small business enterprises

Non-profit organisations and companies

Agricultural concerns

Building, electrical and civil contractors

Educational institutions

Legal firms

Entertainment industry


We strive to serve. HP Audit focuses on your needs. We really care about assisting you in the best way possible. It’s just the way we prefer to do business. In the growing landscape of accounting and auditing firms we are uniquely situated to become your preferred service provider. We offer you our professional services based on the following key pillars of client service:

You are assured of our commitment to superior personalised client service.

Superior personalised client service.

Our partners and staff are accessible and knowledgeable and make the time available to understand your specific needs. We form a long term relationship with you and give you the results you require.Our two partners believe in personal and direct communication with our clients even though the firm has very competent staff that carries out some of the detail work on the various assignments.

Your Confidentiality is paramount.

Your confidentiality

You can trust us implicitly with your personal and business information. We take our duty of care towards you very seriously.

We use technologically advanced working practices.

Advanced working practices

We are proficient in using online technology to communicate with our clients and the latest technologically advanced computers and software to complete assignments efficiently and effectively. We operate in almost completely paperless working surroundings in support of the environmental goals of the country.

Size does not matter to us

The size of your company

We are geared to assist all clients whether big and small. And we are experienced in providing services across a broad spectrum of sectors throughout the country.

We take pride in maintaining our high level of professional standards.

High level of professional standards

We stay ahead of the game. Our staff remains informed on the latest developments and trends, nationally and internationally, in the field of accounting, auditing and related servicesto continuously update their knowledge base to include best practice approaches.

We give you peace of mind.

Peace of mind

We take away the burden of you having to deal with onerous accounting and taxation matters. We give sound uncomplicated advice, cutting through the jargon, with the aim of enabling our clients to be fully informed without having to worry about dealing with these matters themselves.


HP Audit is duly registered with the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA), the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) and as tax practitioners at the South African Revenue Services.

For purposes of providing training to articled clerks the firm is also registered with both the SA Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) and the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA). This enables HP Audit to provide training contracts for both SAICA and SAIPA trainees.

We belong to BNI (Business Network International), an international networking organization which enables its members to gain access to thousands of other businesses. BNI has a strict code of conduct which members have to comply with.

Both partners are registered at the Estate Agency Affairs Board and can deal with any business transaction relating to the sale or valuation of a business, or the valuation, sale or renting of fixed property.

Our business practices are aligned with and adhere to International Financing Reporting Standards.