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The Minister of Finance makes his Budget Speech on 21 February and would like to hear your tips for the Budget. To submit your suggestions go to “Budget Tips” on the National Treasury website.

Our 2018 Budget is one of the most important since 1994 and will almost certainly include substantial tax increases, so make sure you get your views in.

Remember the Minister does read your tips and usually mentions some of them in his Budget Speech.

  • Gabriela Laing
    Posted at 07:04h, 22 February Reply

    Here are some of my suggestions:
    1. Instead of paying grant to people who have kids… pay the parents of kids who attend school (the better your kid does at school the more you get paid)and it will also increase the level of education in south africa…

    2. Allow government workers to borrow money from their pensions… those who have been working for 10 yrs or more also according to how much they have in their fund… and charge them interest…there for money is coming back to government pockets and not into the bank😊😊

  • Gabriela Laing
    Posted at 07:18h, 22 February Reply

    Decrease the amount of members of parliament as they earn very high salaries.
    The members of parliament should have budget cutbacks.
    If they have any allowances such as good or clothing or houses it should be stopped as they earn extremely high salaries so they should not be subsidised by government to buy a house or vehicle as they can afford to do so,where as public servants of a lower salary struggle for finance to be able to purchase homes or vehicles.

  • Gabriela Laing
    Posted at 07:20h, 22 February Reply

    Allow our ministers of government departments to be educated and qualified to hold their positions and if they are not that must be replaced with someone who is qualified to do so

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